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Anise: MEGA SKITS!!!
Jade: yes, we still have to continue that last one *looks at shocker still in hand*
Anise: Are you ready to see what happens to Genis and Presea?!
Audience: YA!
Jade: *pushes up glasses* oh i suppose so
Genis: *looks around nervously, thinks why are there people talking in my head?? what's going on???*
*Genis sees Jaques coming back to the table with a bread basket and refills of their water*
Genis: *swallows, drinks the water*
Jade: hmmm, he seems quite nervous..
Genis: *hears Jade, chokes on water, coughs*
Anise: Yeah... it's kind of cute *heart*
Genis: *coughs, sets glass back on table*
Presea: *takes a sip of water**violins start playing in the background* Genis...
Genis: *looks at Presea* yes Presea?
Presea: Is this a date?
Genis: *swallows* I.........I hope it is, but if you don't want it to be i understand..
Jade: aww, look, he's even more nervous now......
Presea: Sheena told me that a date is when a boy and a girl go somewhere together for a romantic evening and.....they usually fall in love.
Genis: *blushes slightly, looking at Presea*
Presea: How do people fall in love?  Does it hurt when they fall?
Anise: *laughs hysterically*
Genis: no, they don't really fall, it's just an expression *winces from loud noise in ear*
Jade: *smirks* oh that was good
Presea: An expression... Can we fall in love?
Genis: *nods* yes....we can
Anise: *laughs harder* HAHAHAHAHAHA CAN'T HA HA HA STOP    LAUGHING!!!!
Luke: *looks at Jade and Anise, looks at the TV screen where they can Presea and Genis* what are you guys watching?
Jade: oh, just a soap oprea called "The Young and the Restless"
Anise: *rofl and holding her sides* STOP HA HA HA COLONEL YOU'RE KILLING ME!!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!
Jade: *looks down at Anise, pushes up glasses*
Luke: oh......kay.......well, can i watch too?
Anise: *jumps to feet, looks at Luke* Sure, sit by me, you can help us!
Luke: ok! *sits by Anise*
Jade: *looks longingly at the zapper, goes to push the button*
Anise: Colonel, not yet!
Jade: *sighs* oh very well.....*puts zapper in pocket*
Presea: How do we fall in love? Do we have to do something?
Genis: we just have to have feelings for each we care a lot about each other.....
Presea: I do care about you, Genis.  We fought many battles together, and I would be sad if you were hurt.
Genis: and i care about you too Presea...........a lot.......
Luke: *yawns* this is boring, what's on another channel? *goes to change channel*
Jade: no you don't, *zapps Luke with Zapper*
Luke: *falls to ground* ah! Jade, what was that for?!
Anise: That's what you get for trying to change our reality TV show! *put Tokunaga on Luke's seat*
Luke: *growls a little* you didn't have to zap me though, you could have just told me.....hey, i want my seat back
Jade: oh you know the saying Luke "move your feet, loose your seat" *pushes up glasses, sitting next to Tokunaga*
Anise: *puts ear to Tokunaga* What's that Tokunaga? You will let Luke have his seat back if he doesn't act like a child?
Luke: what?!
Jade: Tokunaga's right Luke, you are acting very childish
Luke: you're the one's who's acting childish Jade, zapping me like that, where did you get that thing anyway??
Jade: if i told you that, i'd have to kill you, Luke
Anise: *looks at TV* Hey look! *points at TV* they are leaving the restaurant!
Jade: Luke, i cannot see, please move
Luke: ha! make me Jade!
Jade: *raises Zapper*
Luke: ah! *runs away*
Presea: *holding Genis' hand* Where are we going Genis?
Genis: where would you like to go Presea? *looks over at her*
Presea: ...... *put finger to mouth in a thinking pose* To a place where we can fall in love.
Anise: *giggles*
Genis: well, there is no set place where we can fall in love, we can go to wherever you like and still fall in love
Jade: this is getting interesting *crosses leg*
Presea: *looks at sky and sees the moon*
Genis: *looks up at the sky*
Presea: I know a place.
Genis: *looks at Presea* ok *smiles*
Presea: *still holding Genis' hand runs toward the entrance to the city, dragging Genis behind her*
Genis: *runs behind her, trying to keep up*
*Presea guides Genis to a small cliff that overlooks the ocean and has a beautiful view of the moon, they sit down on the edge of the cliff, alone in the moonlight*
Genis: *looks up at the moon*
Anise: Ooooooooooo, it really IS getting good! *nudges Jade with elbow*
Jade: yes, i suppose it is.....but it would be better if i could use this *holds out Zapper*
Presea: *looks at the ocean and then at the moon*
Genis: *looks over at Presea, stares at her*
Anise: Oooo, he is getting an eye-ful.
Jade: must punish the naughty boy....*zaps Genis*
Genis: *feels shock from zap* ah!!! *falls over and rolls down the hill side (from where they came up) a little*
Presea: *looks where Genis was but he is not there* Genis? *looks around for him*
Genis: *get's up, walks back and sits down next to Presea again* sorry about that
Presea: Genis...
Genis: *looks over at her* yes Presea?
Presea: *points to his back* Your jacket is on fire...
Genis: wh-what!!!!?? *takes off jacket, jumps on it, putting out the fire*
Jade: oh, whoops, it appears that i set it onto the torch setting......
Anise: That's a big whoops, Colonel... *giggles*
Jade: *shrugs* well, we all make mistakes....
Part 2 of Presea and Genis! Presea and Genis' date continues and their feelings toward each other grow stronger...and so do Jade and Anise's interferences!


Disclaimer: TotA and ToS belong to Bandai Namco
Mega Skit 2: Presea and Genis belongs to the Mega-Skitters (a.k.a. my friend and i)

Genis was being a bad boy in this one. Good job Jade for showing him the error of his ways!
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kingdom-maiden Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I would say everyonefrom TotA are being immature, Anise cause othe giggling(I actually have no cluue why thats immatre XD) Luke for whining and EFFINATLY Jade for zapping everybody XDXD
lordoffireVIII Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008
lol yeah ><
kingdom-maiden Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol, hav u read my 1st story yet? Its short, but funny/wierd XD
lordoffireVIII Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008
no but i'll check it out
gummypocky Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha...Jade just wants to zap people ;P
lordoffireVIII Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2007
yep ^-^

a zapper in his hands means certain terror
superiorxemnasi Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2007
OMG that is so hilarious. I couldnt stop laughing thru the entire skit. The funniest thing ive seen today. Truly Awesome
lordoffireVIII Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2007
thanks very much ^-^ i hope you enjoy the rest of them as well!
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