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Presea: *looks at Genis and smiles*
Genis: *smiles back at Presea*
Presea: Can we fall in love here?
Genis: *nods* we can fall in love anywhere, Presea
Presea: ...Is it possible to make love?
Genis: *blushes red* w-w-what???!!!
Jade: *chuckles quietly* she has so much to learn.......
Presea: ...To make love...Can we make love?  Is it possible to create love?
Jade: yes, i'm finding it rather enjoyable as well
Genis: is created by the strong feelings one has towards another person
Presea: *blinks, listening closely*
Genis: and...those feelings come from the closeness and friendships we feel towards other people
Presea: *tilts head sideways a little* I think I understand...
Genis: *smiles* really?! you do?!
Presea: Is there a way to express these strong feelings to other people?
Anise: *on the floor listening to the TV*
Genis:, see.....*fumbling for words*
Jade: Anise i think it's time you give him some advice.....
Anise: *jumps to feet* Alright.  Hey, kid! Listen up!
Genis: *eyes widen slightly, thinks oh no.....they're back.......*
Jade: i do believe you've frightened him Anise.....
Anise: People can express love for people close to them by hugging, or kissing, or cuddling, or ....other things *hint of evilness in her voice*
Jade: oooo Anise, now don't give him ideas
Anise: Oh, well sor-ryyyy!  What was I suppose to tell him?
Genis: *mutters* r-right......thanks.......Presea......people can express those feelings by hugging, kissing or sitting close to each other by c-c-cuddling.....
Presea: Hugging, kissing, and cuddling...
Jade: *shrugs* oh never mind...i'm just the one with the zapper
Genis: *nods, blushing red*
Presea: *scoots closer to Genis* I have strong feeling for you Genis...
Genis: *looks at her* i have strong feelings for you too, Presea.....
Anise: Ooooooo, NOW it's getting interesting!
Jade: yes......*pushes up glasses, eats some popcorn*
Presea: *brings face closer and closer to Genis' starts to blush*
Genis: *eyes widen a little, brings face closer to Presea's, blushes*
Anise: *gasps, waiting for the moment*
Jade: *eats more popcorn*
Presea: *gets so close that Genis can feel her breath, she is staring in his eyes*
Genis: *stares back at her*
Presea: *continues staring into his eyes*
Anise: Come on, kiss him!
Jade: *sighs, eats more popcorn, drinks some pop*
Genis: *leans closer to Presea, about to kiss her*
Anise: Yeah, go lover-boy!
Genis: *kisses Presea softly, breaks off, looks at her*
Presea: *put her hand to her mouth, her face turn red*
Genis: *blushes, gives a shy smile*
Presea: *goes in close to Genis again and gives him a kiss she keeps going forward and they fall to the grass*
Genis: *looks up at Presea, blushing red*
Presea: *stops and looks down at him, face blushing red*
Genis: Presea......
Jade: *leans forward* this is getting a little too interesting....
Anise: *absorbed by the images on the TV*
Presea: Genis... *notices that she is on top of him and gets off* ... I'm so sorry... I...
Genis: *sits up*'s alright i'm fine *smiles*
Presea: *face is bright red* umm... is that... making love?
Genis: um.....n-no it's not, but it's showing love, which is also good *smiles*
Presea: And...we can show love anywhere?
Genis: *nods*
Presea: *puts a hand on her chest where her heart is* My heart is beating... very fast... is that... normal?
Genis: yes it is........mine is too.....
Presea: *crawls toward Genis* Can I feel your heart?
Genis: *nods*
Presea: *puts hand to Genis' chest and feels his heartbeat*
Genis: *looks at her, smiles*
Presea: *takes Genis' hand and puts it to her chest to feel her heartbeat* Our hearts are... the same...* smiles*
Genis: *smiles* yes.....they are....your right
*just then Lloyd sees Genis and Presea from a distance and is about to call to them*
Genis: *keeps looking at Presea, smiles*
Anise: Ahh! Colonel, zap him, zap him!!
Jade: finally! *looks like a little kid/Dist, pushes the button*
Genis: *feels shock of the zap, falls backwards, yelps in pain*
Presea: !!! Genis what happened?!
Lloyd: Hey Genis! Presea! There you are!
Genis: ngh......*sees Lloyd, looks at Presea* i'm alright.......
Lloyd: What are you guys doing here all by yourselves? *runs to them*
Genis: !!! L-Lloyd!!! um....we were......uh.....*looks at Presea*
Presea: *stands up, and shakes her head trying not to be embarrassed* ...L--lloyd.
Lloyd: *stops in front of them* Hey guys, what are you two doing all alone out here?  There is nothing out here...
Genis: *stands up* we were looking at the moon, Lloyd....*trying not to be embarrassed*
Lloyd: The moon?  Why would you be out here doing that?  And why are you two dressed like that? You can see the moon-- Oh, I see what you are doing... *gives Genis an evil grin*
Genis: *eyes widen, looks like deer in the headlights when he Lloyd's grin* w-what are you t-talking about L-Lloyd??
Lloyd: Ha! Don't give me that!  You have been studying Zelos haven't you?  So you two went on a date and nobody told me?!!
Genis: like i'd want to study Zelos!!! and so what if we went on a date, we unlike Zelos and his dates, like to keep our dates private and not public *crosses arms*
Lloyd: Oh, really?  Then how come everyone knows that you were up to something and I didn't?
Genis: what do you mean everyone knows?!
Lloyd: Everyone knows that you went out somewhere so I went out to find you.  They wouldn't tell me why you were gone... but I knew I'd find out eventually
Genis: *looks at Presea*
Presea: *looks at Genis*
Lloyd: So... what were you doing here?
Anise: Making out!
Genis: *looks at Lloyd* just talking....
Jade: ooo, he's a naughty boy, telling lies like that..
Anise: You should zap him for that...
Lloyd: So, are you two coming back? It's pretty late you know... past your bedtime Genis.
Jade: yes, i concur *pushes button on Zapper*
Genis: *is shocked, yelps in pain, falls over*
Presea: Genis?! Why does this keep happening to you?
Genis: *stands up* i.....i'm not sure.....
Anise: It's because we are Gods on this show!
Jade: yes we are!
Anise: *evil laughter*
Genis: *swallows, looks from Lloyd to Presea*
Presea: What is the matter Genis? Are your powers malfunctioning?
Genis: yes.....i....i think so......
Lloyd: Yeah, that could be it, Genis.
Jade: he's so unaware......
Lloyd: Maybe you should see the Professor.
Genis: i......i.......guess so....*looks at Presea*
Presea: *looks at Genis worried*
Lloyd: So let's go. *starts walking toward the city where the others are*
Genis: ok.....*debates whether or not to hold out hand to Presea*
Presea: *looks in Genis' eyes* Are you alright?  I didn't hurt you... did I?
Genis: *shakes head* no no, you didn't do anything wrong, Presea...i'll be fine, don't worry..*smiles*
Presea: *still worried* ...Alright... *holds Genis' hand* .....
Genis: *holds Presea's hand, smiles* i'll be alright......
Lloyd: Hey,  slowpokes hurry it up back there!
Genis: come on Presea.....*starts walking, holding her hand* you know how impatient Lloyd is
Presea: *smiles, nods and walks with him*
Lloyd: *when Genis and Presea finally catch up to him, he notices them holding hands*  
Genis: *keeps walking*
Lloyd: ....... *is oddly silent all the way to Sybak*
Genis: *smiles at Presea*
Presea: *smiles back*
Genis: *smiles wider*
*all three of them reach Sybak and as soon as they open the door to the inn...*
Zelos: well well well, look what we have here!!!! it's the lovebirds!!! *makes motions of hearts*
Lloyd: Yeah!  And how come no one told me!!?
Zelos: *shrugs* don't look at me Lloyd, i could have sworn that you of all people would be told by Genis!
Collete: Lloyd, Genis and Presea!  You're all back! Did you have a good time?
Lloyd: Well I wasn't! *crosses arms*
Genis: *nods*
Presea: *nods too*
Regal: *walks in the room* Well well.  It looks like you two must have had a good time see that your jacket is all charred up, Genis.
Lloyd: That's because there was fire in their eyes, Regal... *evil grin*
Zelos: oh the passion!!! Genis reminds me of myself when i was his age!! can't keep 'em off you, can you Genis *elbows Genis*
Genis: sh-shut up, all of you!! don't you have lives of your own to worry about!!!? *blushes red*
Lloyd: Not at the moment.
Raine: it's alright Genis, it's perfectly normal to be embaressed about your first date *is suddenly there, standing by Regal*
Genis: Raine!! *soul flies out*
Sheena: *walks in* Hey, did you two have fun?
Zelos: *sees Sheena* you know Sheena, i'm sure you and i could have a lot more fun then they did *winks*
Sheena: *gives him a dark glare out of the corner of her eye, and turns back to Genis and Presea*
Genis: *looking embaressed, trying not to blush red, looks over at Presea*
Sheena: So, where did you guys go?
Presea: We went to a beautiful restaurant and then went somewhere to see the moon and talk about making love.
Genis: *looks like he's about to die*
*everyone blushes*
Zelos: *mouth hangs open* wow, kids today move fast, sheesh!
Raine: *eyes widen, blushing, says quietly*
Lloyd: W-what?!
Regal: Well, that was unexpected.
Kratos: *looks at Genis and Presea, standing in a dark corner* ......
Collete: *speechless*
Genis: *soul flies out*
Presea: *blushes when she sees everyone's expression* *looks at Genis*
Genis: *blushing red, looks at Presea*
Sheena: U...umm....
*awkward silence has filled the room*
Kratos: *clears throat* it's getting late.....we should all get some rest....
Zelos: *mutters* it sounds like Genis and Presea are already ahead of all of us in that aspect, though, i'm sure they weren't resting.....
Raine: Zelos!!!!! *looks like she's about to faint*
Presea: *looks at Zelos confused*
Zelos: well, good idea Kratos, i'm off to my suite, see ya later, bye!!!!!!! *runs off*
Sheena: *swallows* Umm... yeah that's a good idea Kratos...umm bye! *runs to her room*
Raine: and i need to have a little chat......
Genis: *gulps*
Lloyd: Uh oh, the Professor is going to give them a lecture!  Come on Collete we don't want to get caught up in this. *takes Collete out of the room*
Raine: *turns to Presea* Presea, you must be tired....may i please talk to my brother alone?
Kratos: *mutters to Regal* she doesn't want witnesses around when she "talks" to him
Regal: Alright.
Kratos: *heads up to his room*
Regal: *walks out of the inn*
Presea: *walks toward Collete's room, which is her room too looks back at Genis*
Genis: *looks after Presea* goodnight......Presea.......*sounds sad*
Presea: *looks sadly at Genis, waves slowly* Good night...
Genis: *waves slowly back to her, resisting the urge to run over to her*
Presea: *turns toward the room, but then, runs toward Genis and hugs him*
Genis: *hugs her back*
Raine: *sees them and gives a small smile*
Presea: *still clinging to Genis, looks at Raine*
Raine: *sees Presea looking at her* oh.....alright........say goodnight and then go to your own rooms and get some rest you two....i'll see you both in the morning *walks off to her room*
Presea: *bows to the Professor looks at Genis*
Genis: *looks at Presea, smiles*
Presea: *smiles back*
Genis: well, atleast we get some time alone, now
Presea: *nod*  
Genis: *smiles*
Presea: I think we should go before Regal comes back...
Genis: *nods* yeah...
Presea: *starts walking to Genis' room*
Genis: *follows* hey come you're walking to my room?
Presea: We finally have time to be alone...but we need to hide so Regal will not find us...
Genis: oh.....alright then *smiles*
Presea: *enters Genis' room*
Genis: *follows behind Presea*
Part 3 of Presea and Genis! Presea and Genis' "secret" date is not so secret to the rest of the group, well, except Lloyd....the group is silenced in the inn by Presea's comment about "making love".....*awkward moment* and it seems as those Anise and Jade have finally found something better to do with their time....let's hope.....

Enjoy! please comment after you read!

Disclaimer: TotA and ToS belong to Bandai Namco
the image was found on photobucket and is by: dukluvr
Mega Skit 2: Presea and Genis belongs to the Mega-Skitters (a.k.a. my friend and i)
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Genis: *looks like he's about to die*
*everyone blushes*
Zelos: *mouth hangs open* wow, kids today move fast, sheesh!
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