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Genis: *follows behind Presea*
Presea: *sits on Genis' bed*
Genis: *stands by Presea*
Presea: *looks up at him*
Genis: *smiles at Presea*
Presea: *smiles*
Genis: so.........what now?
Presea: ...... *remembers what Genis said about hugging, kissing, and cuddling*We have not cuddled yet.
Genis: oh......r-right *blushes slightly*
Presea: ... do you want to... cuddle in you bed? It is more comfortable.
Genis: sure.......*trying to calm his nerves, gets on his bed, looks at Presea*
Presea: *takes her shoes off and her bracelets and earings and lays on the large bed*
Genis: *takes off shoes, lays next to Presea, looks at her*
Presea: *blushes, gets closer and presses her body against his*
Genis: *wraps arms around her, looks into her eyes*
Presea: *closes her eyes and rubs her nose against his*
Genis: *blushes slightly, rubs his nose back against hers*
Presea: *opens eyes, looking into Genis' * Can I....sleep with you, Genis?
Genis: you.....really want to stay here with me? *eyes brighten happily* of course you can! but......won't Colette be wondering where you are?
Presea: I wake up before she does.  So, she will not notice.
Genis: oh....alright, you can stay here, i don't mind *smiles*
Presea: *smiles and hugs him tighter*
Genis: *hugs her back tighter*
Presea: *puts her leg on top of his*
Genis: *blushes slightly, snuggles against Presea*
*they snuggle and cuddle together until they fall fast asleep*
Genis: *asleep, it's early in the morning*
Zelos: *walking the halls, yawns, passes by Genis' room* i wonder.....*reaches for the knob, sees that it's unlocked evil grin, brusts through the door, sings* morning sun-----*sees Presea and Genis* holy sh---!! *covers mouth, eyes wide*
Presea: *moves around under the blankets but doesn't wake up*
Genis: *hears Zelos, opens eyes, eyes widen when looking at Zelos, soul flies out*
Zelos: *stands there, mouth open* and i thought i was a ladies man.....
Presea: *wakes up, her hair is not tied up in pigtails and she is not wearing her frilly dress; suddenly awake upon seeing Zelos, covers herself with blanket, blushes*
Zelos: .........*backs to the door slowly*
Genis: *stares at Zelos*
Presea: Zelos... we.......
Zelos: you what? *stops*
Presea: *looks to Genis for help*
Genis: we didn't do what you think we did, Zelos.....she just slept in here, i promise.....please......please.....don't tell anyone
Zelos: ok......i won't tell............for a price that is *evil grin*
Presea: .......
Genis: what's the price, Zelos?
Zelos: oh, don't worry, i'll think of something and let you know....*chuckles evily, walks out, shuts door behind him*
Presea: evil...
Genis: *nods* uh huh.......
Presea: I think... I should go...
Genis: are you sure? i mean, he said he wouldn't tell anyone.....
Presea: But what if Professor Raine comes in here?
Genis: oh........right......Raine........*looks sad*
Presea: Will she punish you, Genis?
Genis: only if she finds out....
Presea: ...If we can express our feelings for each other anywhere... then why goes everyone get so... flustered when we do it?
Genis: i'm not sure......but i'd wish they'd just accept it....
Presea: ..... *looks sad, stares at the blanket*
Genis: *wraps an arm around Presea, pulls her close gently* hey....don't worry, we'll get through this, okay? *smiles*
Presea: *looks at him, puts her head on his shoulder*
Genis: *smiles, snuggles closer to her*
*they hear a knock at the door* KNOCK KNOCK
Anise: Ahhhh! Why does it have to end there?!!! >: (   I hate cliffhangers!!!
Jade: yes, they are rather irratating......well, tune in next time to find out what happens....if not.....this Zapper will find you *holds out Zapper*
Presea and Genis part 4! Presea is in Genis' room?! Let's hope none of the group finds out about this! And one has to wonder what the Professor will lecture Genis about.....

Enjoy! please comment after you read!

Disclaimer: TotA and ToS belong to Bandai Namco
the image was found on photobucket and is by: dukluvr
Mega Skit 2: Presea and Genis belongs to the Mega-Skitters (a.k.a. my friend and i)

Number 5 is up next, and it ends Mega Skit 2
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Lukael-Art Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
That was so cuuuute X3
lordoffireVIII Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2007
thank you :XD:
lordofflowers Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2007
hmmm awsome
lordoffireVIII Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2007
thanks ^-^
lordofflowers Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2007
your welcome
gummypocky Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OH NO NOT THE ZAPPER!!!! Zelos is so evil ;P
lordoffireVIII Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2007
lol, yes, Zelos = evil ^-^ but i <3 Zelos anyway, lol!
superiorxemnasi Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2007
Very funny, especially zelos reaction when he comes in genis' room
lordoffireVIII Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2007
lol, yes leave it to Zelos to make a comic moment! <3 Zelos!
thanks for the comment!
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