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Anise: YEAH!!! The show is back ON!!! So Colonel, tell us what happened last time.
Jade: well, *pushes up glasses* you know how i hate explaining things *looks around* where's Guy? he should explain....
Guy: *walks over to them* hey, what are you people up to over here?
Jade: ah, Guy, perfect timing, i need you to explain what is going on with Presea and Genis.....
Guy: *scratches back of head* but i don't even know about them?!
Jade: *hands Guy index card* just read what's on here.
Anise: Hey Guy! *pats the seat next to her* Come sit by me! ^-^ *heart*
Guy: *sighs* in the last episode, Presea and Genis have finally realized the strong feelings they have for each other. after spending a quiet night togeather and getting caught by Zelos, Genis wonders what the chosen of Tethe'alla has in store for them......and now a new person has arrived, knocking on the young couples....door....we all wonder what will happen next........? *looks at Jade* just what are you two watching???!!! *sees Anise's look, sits down next to her looks over at Anise worriedly, not letting her get too close*
Jade: just a new show called "the young and young at heart"
Anise: Hee hee! Ya, and we are the hosts!  Well, actually more like interactive viewers... but it's really good... I might need someone to cuddle with too... *gives a sly look to Guy*
Guy: *raises arms in defense, scoots away from Anise*
Jade: *smirks at Guy, looks back at the screen*
Raine: *knocks at Genis' door* Genis......are you awake? may i come in?
Presea: *whispers to Genis* I need to hide!
Genis: *nods, gets out of the bed, whispers* quick, hide in the closet, Presea
Presea: *blushes and stares at Genis who is only wearing boxers*
Genis: *sees Presea blush and blushes back*
Presea: *gets out of bed and picks up her shoes and dress, hides in closet*
Raine: Genis?
Genis: yeah, Raine come on in.....
Raine: *walks in* Genis....about that talk....
Genis: sorry Raine, can't right now! *picks up clothes, runs into the bathroom, shuts door*
Raine: *sighs* after breakfast then.....don't even try to get out of it, Genis *walks out, shuts door behind her*
Genis: *hears Raine leave, sighs in relief, changes into outfit, walks out of the bathroom and to the closet, knocks on the door* Presea, it's ok, she's gone now
Presea: *opens closet slowly hiding behind her dress*
Genis: Presea......are you alright? *looks at her worriedly*
Presea: *hiding her body behind her dress*  What are we going to do, Genis?
Genis: *walks to her* what do you mean? we aren't going to let anyone ruin the feelings we have for each other, Presea
Presea: But Professor Raine... she....
Genis: she's not angry, Presea....she just wants to talk to me, don't worry, i've heard her talks before, she's just upset that i didn't want to tell her how i felt about you....
Presea: We... need to talk to her...
Genis: *nods*
Presea: So... let's go talk to her...* looks at Genis*
Genis: alright....*walks out of the closet, waits for Presea*
Presea: Umm...we need to... go to my room...
Genis: ok
Presea: I need clothes... *stands there in her underwear shielding her body with the dress*
Genis: could borrow an outfit of mine until we get to your room?
Presea: Ok...
Genis: *walks into his closet, comes out with a new outfit, holds it out to Presea* here you go *smiles*
Presea: *takes outfit, examines it*
Genis: *looks at ground, shuffles feet* sorry if you don't like it....
Presea: *drops dress on floor, exposing her, and starts to put on shirt*
Genis: *looks up at Presea, sees her, blushes red, looks away, covers face* sorry, i didn't mean to look!
Presea: *puts on pants doesn't notice his embarrassment*
Genis: *keeps looking away, face covered, trying to calm down from embarassment*
Presea: *zips up pants*
Presea: *puts on her shoes*
Genis: *turns away from Presea, still covering face, waits for her to be done changing*
Presea: *taps Genis on the shoulder* Can you help me with the buttons?
Genis: *uncovers face, turns back to face her, looking at her eyes, nods*
Presea: *shirt is all open and unbuttoned*
Genis: *looks down, buttons the shirt all the way, looks back up at her, blushing slightly* there you go *smiles*
Presea: *smiles back*
Genis: so, shall we go to your room then? *holds out hand to Presea*
Presea: We do not need to go to my room.  I have clothes on now... We should talk to your sister...
Genis: ok....let's go talk to her then.....*still holding out hand to Presea*
Presea: *holds Genis' hand and they walk out of his room*
Genis: *walks with Presea down to the first floor of the inn, sees Raine, walks over to her* Raine.....
Raine: *sees them* Genis......Presea.......Genis, why is Presea wearing your clothes?
Zelos: *looks at Genis and Presea, nudges Lloyd to show Lloyd that Genis and Presea are there*
Lloyd: *turns to see them*
Collete: Oh, good morning Genis and Presea!
Genis: *looks at Colette* morning, Colette
Presea: Good morning.
Zelos: *gives Presea and Genis an evil grin*
Lloyd: Say Genis, aren't those your clothes that Presea is wearing?
Collete: Lloyd, the Professor just asked that.
Zelos: heh, way to pay attention, Lloyd *smirks at Lloyd*
Lloyd: *growls at Zelos*
Zelos: someone has a temper this morning, isn't that right, Sheena *wraps an arm around Sheena's waist, smiles at her*
Sheena: Hey now! Don't start that again! Remember what happened last time? *referring to how she beat him with a chair*
Zelos: yes and i still have the bruises to prove it, but don't worry, i thought of it as a beating of love *still has his arm around her waist*
Jade: a beating of love? he just doesn't get it, does he?
Anise: Nope.  Don't you agree, Guy? *leans toward him*
Guy: *moves away* y-yes, i agree
Anise: *sinister grin at Guy, leans closer to him*
Guy: *shields himself with his arms, body shakes* ahhhh, get away!!! *moves away from Anise, crashes into Jade*
Guy: *in process of moving away, crashes into Jade*
Jade: just what are you doing Guy? *gives an evil grin, shoves him back so he falls on Anise*
Guy: ahhhhh!!!!!!! *scrambles away, stands up, body shakes, shields himself* sorry, i'm s-s-sorry, just don't come any closer!!!!!!!
Anise: *acts like a princess about to be swept away by her shining knight* Oh Gailardia! You have fallen in my lap!  You have fallen for me?! After all this time, my girlish charm was finally too much for you?!
Guy: *backs away, body still shaking* was Jade's fault, he pushed me!!!!
Anise: *blushes* Oh Guy, take me away so we can live in a huge mansion and you can buy me anything I want!
Jade: Guy, how rude of you to accuse someone for an action that you did, i'm insulted
Guy: *hears Anise, backs away more, runs off*
Jade: don't worry, Anise, i'm sure he'll warm up to the idea of you as his future bride soon
Genis: *looks at Presea, still holding her hand*
Presea: *grabs hold of Genis' hand tighter*  I needed to borrow some of Genis' clothes...
Raine: you did? why?
Genis: because she was out of clothes to wear and i'm the same size as her, so it worked *nods* right Presea? *looks at Presea*
Anise: *smirks* Nice cover!
Jade: *leans back in his chair* yes, that was rather quick thinking wasn't it?
Presea: *looks at Genis, nods*
Genis: *smiles at Presea, looks back at Raine* see, nothing to worry about, Raine
Collete: Really, you don't have any clothes Presea?  But I saw some of your outfits in my closet this morning... *looks confused*
Genis: well.....Presea said that she grew taller, so those didn't fit anymore, right Presea? *looks over at her*
Lloyd: Oh, so Presea was the one doing the growing huh? And here we all thought you were the oh who grew up, Genis.
Genis: *glares at Lloyd*
Zelos: ah, true point Lloyd, it seems that Genis has grown a fair amount too *evil grin*
Genis: *doesn't reply to Zelos' comment, looks away*
Presea: Professor, did you wish to speak with us?
Raine: erm......yes, i need to talk to both of you
Lloyd: .... About what Professor?
Raine: don't worry about that Lloyd, unless you'd like a nice lecture too.......
Lloyd: *face distorts* No way! *walks away*
Collete: Wait, Lloyd!
Raine: *smiles* i didn't think so.....*turns back to Presea and Genis* well you two, where shall we talk?
Collete: *follows Lloyd out*
Presea: *still holding Genis' hand, looks at him*
Genis: we could talk here, Raine.....
Raine: very well......for starters, do you two have anything to say? *looks at them, crosses arms, leans back against a table, half sitting on it*
Zelos: *moves his arm from around Sheena, seeing her death glare* well, i think i'd like to listen to this....
Raine:!!! *glares at him*
Zelos: *takes a step back* but i think there are some hunnies outside that need my attention *runs out of the inn*
Sheena: Oh no you don't! *runs after him*
Raine: *sighs, turns back to Presea and Genis* well?
Presea: ...... Genis told me about... how to express love... he said when we feel strong feelings for others we can express our love for them by hugging, kissing, and cuddling.
Raine: Genis said that, hmmm? *looks at Genis*
Genis: Raine......yes i said that, but.......that's what i think expresses love......
Raine: well, you see Zelos hugging, kissing and cuddling with many women, but you know for a fact that he doesn't love see you two......if you really feel strongly about each other, you don't have to hug, cuddle.......or prove it, you just have to be there for each other, respect each other and look out for each other
Presea: Be there for each other? *looks at Genis*
Genis: *looks at Presea* she means that we will help each other no matter what
Presea: *smiles, nods*
Genis: *smiles*
Raine:'s clear to me through the actions you two have shown to each other, i can tell that you two have strong feelings for each other....*smiles*
Presea: *blinks* Yes. *stands closer to Genis*
Genis: *nods, moves closer to Presea*
Raine: well, just as long as you two don't do anything that i wouldn't approve of, Genis *looks at him* i see no problem with letting you two spend time away from the group together.....
Presea: Really?
Raine: *nods* long as you two don't sleep in each other's rooms together, or do anything.....anything inappropriate, i see no problems
Genis: *blushes* Raine, i'm 12!!!!
Presea: .........
Raine: *sighs* well, i can see our little chat is over, we'll be on the road again later today.....i believe we are heading for a temple, but if you want to be sure, talk to, behave Genis *smiles at them, walks off*
Presea: *looks at Genis*
Genis: *looks at Presea* so, what do you want to do, Presea? *smiles*
Presea: *looks at herself in Genis' clothes* ..........
Genis: *nervous laugh* maybe you would be more comfortable in your own clothes?
Presea: *nods*
Genis: ok....why don't you go change and i'll wait for you here?
Presea: Alright. *goes to room*
Genis: *waits for Presea, walks around*
*while Genis is waiting Lloyd comes back in*
Genis: *sees Lloyd* hey.....
Lloyd: Hey Genis, what were you, Presea, and the Professor talking about?
Genis: nothing.......*trying to change the subject* so...i haven't seen Kratos.....have you?
Presea: *comes back out in her normal clothing*
Lloyd: No I haven't... Hey Presea! What did all of you talk about in here?
Genis: *looks at Presea, mouths "say nothing, please...."*
Presea: .....We talked about... *looks at Genis* ...Genis' clothes.
Lloyd: Genis' clothes?
Genis: yeah, heh, Raine said that i grew taller and she needed to take me shopping for new clothes *smiles*
Kratos: *walks down from the second floor where the rooms are, adjusts gloves, heads for the door, passing right by Lloyd*
Lloyd: *glares at Kratos as he passes*
Kratos: *looks back at Lloyd, expressionless, looks ahead, walks out*
Genis: *notices the look Lloyd gave Kratos* hey, Lloyd, why'd you glare at him?
Lloyd: Genis, I don't exactly trust him...even if he is my father.
Genis: why not? you should trust him more knowing that he's your father??
Lloyd: I know...but there is something about him that I can't put my finger on; and it bothers me.
Genis: maybe it's the fact that he doesn't seem to trust anyone know you should go and talk to him....before he leaves again......
Lloyd: I will...later.  Right now we need to investigate something.
Genis: but Lloyd......!
Lloyd: Genis... I don't want to talk to him right now. *stares at Genis*
Genis: i'm just saying that.......if my father were around, i'd want to spend time with him and talk to him..........*runs off back to his room*
Presea: Genis! *turns and follows him*
Lloyd: .......... *whispers to himself* I know Genis... but... I can't yet...
Genis: *sitting on the edge of his bed, hands folded in his lap, looking at his lap, facing away from the door*
Presea: *walks in and closes the door behind her* ...Genis....
Genis: *doesn't answer*
Presea: *walks to the bed and sits next to him*
Genis: *keeps staring down at his lap, bites his lower lip*
Presea: Genis... *puts her hand on his*
Genis: *looks up at Presea, looks sad*
Presea: *looks into his eyes* Are you sad... because you did not know your parents?
Genis: *nods sadly*
Presea: ...I am sorry... I do not remember my father either...
Presea: I was in that emotionless state...from the Exsphere experiment....
Genis: it's hard, isn't it? and Lloyd......he has his father right with him.......but he never wants to talk to him........*looks away* doesn't seem fair, because i want to talk to my father so badly....and Lloyd doesn't even seem to care......*stops, looks at her*
Presea: I'm sure Lloyd acts like that on the outside because he is afraid on the inside.  He does not know what Kratos with think of him...and Kratos was our enemy once...he betrayed us. But, I'm sure Lloyd will find the words to talk to his father...
Genis: i know..........he did betray us, but he's with our group again......i mean, if he hasn't left again already...
Presea: ....I know Lloyd has strong feelings toward his father... but, he just needs to learn how to express I did.
Genis: *nods, smiles at Presea* maybe you could teach him how....
Presea: Me?  I... *blushes* ...but you taught me... and you are Lloyd's best friend.  You should tell him.
Genis: well, then maybe we could both help him
Presea: *nods*
Genis: *smiles*
Lloyd: *walks out of the inn and to into the town square, see Zelos with two women at his sides* Hey, Zelos!
Zelos: *talking to the women, looks up at Lloyd* oh, hey Lloyd, what's up? *arms around the both of the women's waists*
Lloyd: *goes to them* Hey, go tell everyone that we are moving out.
Zelos: awww.....we're leaving already? but i haven't seen the sights of this town.....*looks at women, who giggle in return*Zelos: oh, by the way Lloyd, Kratos split......yet again
Lloyd: *a stern tone in his voice* We have to investigate something.  Tell them that we are leaving by this afternoon. *ignores Zelos' comment about Kratos and walks away*
Zelos: sorry ladies, but i must depart *gives them each a kiss, walks off, catches up to Lloyd* hey Lloyd, did you hear what i said about Kratos?
Lloyd: *sighs, rolls eyes*
*everyone in the group is together once more, the group walks off, headed to their next adventure, one can only wonder what happens next……*
Anise: well…i guess that’s it for this skit, huh Jade?
Jade: *sighs* it appears so…well, be sure to tune in for Mega Skit 3, coming soon to a web post near you!
Presea and Genis part 5! It seems as though Guy has once again been told to explain what has happened.....poor Guy. Raine finally has that talk to Genis and Presea, and we discover that Lloyd might be having the same problem as Presea and not knowing how to express his feelings of trust to his father. With Guy, Anise and Jade still narrating, this skit comes to a close, but leaves an opening for another!

Enjoy! and please comment after you read!

Disclaimer: TotA and ToS belong to Bandai Namco
the image was found on photobucket and is by: dukluvr
Mega Skit 2: Presea and Genis belongs to the Mega-Skitters (a.k.a. my friend and i)
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I'm thinking about making some new 'Skits so stay tuned. By the way, if you have a request or idea for a new MegaSkit, feel free to send a note to :iconlordoffireviii: or me, :iconlinestar777:.
kingdom-maiden Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw, no zapper? Nice job still, I wish this was a real show like an anime XD
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lol yeah me too ^-^
kingdom-maiden Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Why wasn't the zapper in this one? I like that! :D
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we were letting Genis and Presea have their moment, by we i mean myself and ~Linestar777
kingdom-maiden Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol, at least its in the other ones XD
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anise and jade are the making of this skit XD
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lordoffireVIII Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2007
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yeah you're right
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awww and it all turns out great in the end. I feel aweful sorry for guy in this though... hahaha. my inner JadeGuy fangirl was squealing when he crashed into Jade.hehehe. I'm surprised Jade didn't zap him at some point
lordoffireVIII Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2007
lol, i was both Guy and Jade, and they were both fun to be! Jade must like Guy otherwise he probably would have zapped him, right? :XD:
LordAvarant Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2007
I must say that of teh Tales of Symphonia characters Presea is four behind Kratos/Zelos tied, Regal, Lloyd/Sheena tied andGenis is six behind Yuan. However what I am trying to say is that I don't really like tham but, I loved these stories. And the fact that Jade and Guy were my favorite ToA characters and were in it was a major plus.
lordoffireVIII Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2007
thanks! it was really fun to write! i was actually both Jade and Guy in the skit, and they were fun to be! please spread the good quality of the skits!
superiorxemnasi Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2007
pretty funny, especially
Sheena: Hey now! Don't start that again! Remember what happened last time? *referring to how she beat him with a chair*
Zelos: yes and i still have the bruises to prove it, but don't worry, i thought of it as a beating of love *still has his arm around her waist*
lordoffireVIII Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2007
thanks! i'm glad you liked it!
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