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Liturature by Linestar777


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July 21, 2007
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Anise: AAAAAAALLLLL-RRRRRRRRRRIGHT!!! It's tiiiiiiiimmmme for MEGA SKITS!!!
Jade: here we go again......
Anise: Welcome all to MEGA SKITS part 2!!!
Genis: hurray!!! *standing next to Presea* what do you think Presea?
Presea: *looks at Genis, blinks* you look very handsome... *looks at his new clothing*
Genis: *grins wide* why thank you.....and you look very beautiful *looks at her new clothing*
Presea: *small smile*
Jade: aww, Anise look at the children....oh wait.....never mind, you are also a child
Anise: BOOO, Colonel that was mean!
Jade: *pushes up glasses* well, i never said i was nice
Anise: Well anyway, tonight the Colonel and I will be narrating the good parts when Genis asks Presea out on a date!
Genis: did you hear that Presea, in this episode, i ask you out on a-----hold on what?!!!!! *turns to look at Anise*
Presea: *looks at Genis confused...apparently she can't hear Anise or Jade*
Anise: That's right! We have put a tiny microphone in Genis' ear and we will we viewing all the action!
Genis: *eyes widen* so that's what the static was from...........*tries to pull out microphone*
*Genis gets zapped*
Genis: ahhh *electrical shock, falls over*
Jade: who's mean now Anise *holding electric shock buzzer*
Anise: You are still the mean one.
Presea: Genis? *squats down to see what happened to him*
Jade: oh really, well, victory for me then......
Genis: *stands back up* heh heh......i erm, meant to do that.....yeah *dusts self off*
Luke: *walks over to Anise and Jade* just what are you two up to?
Anise: Come on boy genius! Show us what you got!
Genis: *gulps**thinks "there are people talking in my head, there are people talking in my head!!! and the voices are not mine!!!"*
Presea: *looks at Genis' face worried* Are you...alright Genis?
Genis: yeah, i'm alright, i'm just great!
Presea: So...why are we here?  And why are we dressed in fancy clothing?
Zelos: *walks Genis and Presea with a woman on each arm* see that ladies, Genis is finally going to ask Presea out, guess he learned by watching me with my skills
Presea: *blinks, stares at Zelos and then at Genis, then frowns*
Genis: *sees Presea frown* what?
Zelos: *walks off*
Presea: You are being like Zelos....?
Genis: *shakes hands in front of face* no no no no no!! i swear, i have no idea what he's talking about, i promise!
Jade: *turns to Anise* can i zap him again?
Anise: Shhh, quiet Colonel.
Jade: ......
Presea: So...where are we going?
Genis: um......are you hungry? *smiles*
Presea: No..................................... *stomach growls, she blushes*
Genis: *hears her stomach growling* well, can i take you somewhere to eat anyway?
Presea: *still blushing, nods* Alright.
Genis: *takes her hand gently, starts walking into the town**takes Presea to a gormet restaurant in Meltokio, where they are*
Presea: *looks around* This place is beautiful....
Genis: *looks arond, nods*
Reservation Man: *french accent* Excuse me sur, but do you have a reservation?  Or perhaps are you looking for your parents?
Genis: *glares a little* i have a reservation, Genis Sage, look it up...
Reservation Man: *looks at list* Uuuuu, I'm su surry moinser.  Right thes way.
Genis: *smirks, turns to Presea, smiles* follw me....*leads her after Reservation man slowly*
Reservation Man: This is your waiter Jaques, if you need anything just as him.  *whispers in Genis' ear* If you want this to be a very rrrromantic eveeningg then motion for me, I will get you anything you need.
Jaques: Ello, you may be setted. *goes to seat Presea*
Genis: *nods at Reservation man, helps seat Presea*
Jaques: *serves some glasses of water to Genis and Presea*
Genis: *sitting across from Presea, smiles*
Jaques: I will return in a few minutes to take your order *leaves*
Presea: *looks at Genis*
Genis: so, what do you think Presea?
Presea: ....I hope they have good food here.
Genis: me too
Anise: *laughing hysterically* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
Jade: *sighs* well, this is boring.....
Anise: *looks at Jade* Then go get Tear or Natalia, they will enjoy this more than you... Say, doesn't Dist need you for something?
Jade: but i'm old, why do i have to walk all over the place for other people? at my age, that's highly not recommended
Anise: How old do you think you are Colonel? 200?
Jade: well, i don't believe i'm quite that old yet Anise, but i've certainly left my younger days far behind me
Presea: Genis... What's wrong? *looks at his strange facial expressions from him hearing Anise and Jade*
Genis: *shakes head to clear thoughts* nothing! i'm fine!
Anise: Oh, we are out of time! But stay tuned for the next one because you never know....Genis might get lucky!!!
Jade: well, might as well stay tuned, this could be interesting......*hand on zapper*
well, here it is, mega skit 2, only this time, it's not about who is the host! this time it's all about Presea and Genis! will Genis finally be able to confess his feelings for Presea, when Anise and Jade are watching and hearing his every move through a microchip inplanted in his ear? it all begins in Mega Skit 2: Presea and Genis, Part 1!

again, this is something a friend of mine and i created!

enjoy! please comment after you read

Disclaimer: TotA and ToS belongs to Bandai Namco; the image was found on photobucket and is by: dukluvr
Mega Skit 2: Presea and Genis belongs to the Mega-Skitters (a.k.a. my friend and i)
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kingdom-maiden Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I laughed my head off! All cause of Jade XDXDXD He is so mean XD Nice job :)
lordoffireVIII Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008
yeah, Jade is pretty mean in this one, and thank you, i had a lot of fun writing it
kingdom-maiden Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Are u gonna make new skits soon?
lordoffireVIII Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008
lol i could, do you have any suggestions or requests?
kingdom-maiden Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hmm....I can only remebr the names of the people from TotA, so, All I can think of right now is Luke and Tear XD
lordoffireVIII Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008
ok, well let me know if you have any suggestions for a new skit ^_^
VexanofIce Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2007
yeah its really nice
lordofflowers Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2007
LOL nice skit :D
lordoffireVIII Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2007
thanks ^-^
lordofflowers Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2007
your welcome
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