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June 26, 2007
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Anise: *with microphone* HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY EVERYBODYYY!!!  It's time for MEGA-SKITS!!!
Presea: *bored voice* yay...
Anise: And here's you host........
Zelos: me! Zelos Wilder!! a.k.a. the best looking chosen the world of tethe'alla has ever seen!!!
Lloyd: Hey Zelos, I'm the host!!!
Regal: I thought I was the host...
Zelos: check the ratings pal, you're out and i'm in!!! *stares at camera* hey ladies.....i'm available *winks*
Presea: *claps very slowly, bored* Yay...
Genis: *sits by Presea, smiles at her* hi Presea!
Presea: ...Hello...
Raine: it's time for the educational section of the show, hosted by me, Professor Raine Sage *grins*
Genis: *hears Raine, eyes widen* Lloyd!!! Run for cover!!!!
((Luke enters, he also thinks he is the host))
Luke: hey, my contract states that i'm the host and there's not education in this show what's-so-ever!
Asch: *crosses arms, looks bored* wish, drek
Anise: Allllll-RIGHT!!! Let's get this show under way!!!
Luke: i'm the host!!!
Jade: This should be quite a show with so many hosts.
Asch: well, this show's only going to last about a minute in an average tv-viewers home if the drek is the host
Luke: shut up Asch!!! like you could make a better host!
Lloyd: Hey, I am suppose to be the REAL host!! Who are all you guys anyway?!
Collete: I think they are from Auldrant...
Lloyd: Huh?
Peony: it's time for pet corner, with Emperor Peony!!! look at the rappigs, aren't they adorable!!!!
Jade: Adorable is not the word I would use...
Guy: neither would i, walking those things is a nightmare, especially Luke....
Luke: what are you talking about, Guy?!
Zelos: *to Regal* seriously, who are these people?
Regal: I...think they are from...a different world...
Zelos: how is that possible??
Collete: You mean they are aliens? WOW!
Genis: Aliens?! *eyes widen*
Peony: aliens?! where?! *looks around*

To Be Continued…..
this is just something a friend of mine and i made up while bored on AIM, enjoy and hopefully another one will be posted soon ^^

for those who do not know the characters in the pictures i'll say them:

top picture: Tales of the Abyss
from left to right (when looking straight at the picture)
Luke, Tear, Jade, Anise, Guy, Natalia

bottom picture: Tales of Symphonia
from left to right (when looking straight at the picture)
Zelos, Presea (girl with pink hair), Sheena, Colette, Lloyd, Genis (young boy with silver hair in front), Kratos, Raine

lastly, Asch get's his own picture, because he's just that amazing ^^

Disclaimer: i do not own any of the tales series characters, but my friend and i own the skit!

*forgive me if any of the spelling is incorrect*
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kingdom-maiden Aug 11, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love it! lol, Everybody thinks they're the host XD
lol you know it ^_^
kingdom-maiden Aug 11, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well have you seen Apple Gumi? Or Tales of Fandom? They acted as if they knew each other! O_o;
no i haven't see those, but i'll try to see them as soon as possible! ^-^
It is so recommended! XD It's funny when Jade makes fun of Zelos lol!
lol, do you know where i could find these? would you mind providing me with a link? it would be very much appreciated!
Contemplator Jun 30, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
i think i could follow better if this was a manga
yeah, it is kinda hard to follow if you haven't played any of the tales games, but Tales of Symphonia has an anime and Tales of the Abyss has a manga, but it is only available in Japan.

if i could draw manga, i would definetly put this in manga form, i guess i could try to draw it...
Contemplator Jun 30, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
i think there are manga writers that can teach u the ropes but they get kinda pissed
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